Welcome all vendors!  We hope you will join us for the 2020 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival.  The vendor applications are located at the bottom of the page.    Please click the appropriate link for the application.


Rules and Regulations:

  • All spaces are 10 X 10 (A “funeral” tent would require two spaces)

  • All vendors must have a Kentucky Sales Tax ID or have applied for one upon arrival.

  • Craft vendor booths are set up around the courthouse square.  No stock trailers, campers or vehicles are permitted on the courthouse lawn.

  • Please note there is no shade or weather protection.

  • Please note the KMLF or its staff are NOT responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen article or any injuries that may occur.

  • Locations on the square are designated areas and are first come, first serve.  This is based on when you register and pay your vendor fee.  At that time, you are assigned a spot, not the day you arrive.  (NO exceptions).

  • There will disclaimer presented for your signature on the day of arrival.

  • Please come with the proper tools and equipment to set up your craft or food booth.

  • Applications must have an accurate list of what will be sold or on menu; you will not be able to sell items not listed.

  • We accept checks or money orders and your fee covers the entire weekend.

  • If your application is rejected for any reason, we will contact you immediately.

  • Although KMLF is not responsible for theft or damage, there will be security for off hours.

  • Please return your application and payment to KMLF, PO Box 151, Pineville, KY  40977

  • Food Vendors-The Bell Co. Health Department will do inspections & issue temporary permits on site. Permits will be $50 cash or money order only.  

We are excited to have you at the 2020 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival.  We hope you enjoy your stay!







Rebecca Kelemen Blackburn

KMLF Concessions / Arts & Crafts Co-Chairperson

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Rebecca Shelby

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KMLF Arts and Crafts /Concessions Co-Chairperson


Donate to the Kentucky Mountain Laurel Foundation. The festival wouldn’t exist without your contributions.