Former Queens

Colleges and universities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky are invited to send a representative to The Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival each Memorial Day weekend. It is left to the schools discretion as to how a candidate is selected. Private homes in Pineville open their doors to host candidates and escorts for the weekend and all meals are supplied by the festival organization. There are picnics, receptions, dances, a parade, the Coronation at Pine Mountain State Resort Amphitheater, a grand ball, and a culminating breakfast to honor the new queen who wears a crown made of live mountain laurel blooms and carries a hand-made bouquet, a tradition many years old.


KMLF Former Queens
1931 Betty Baxter Eastern State College
1932 Margaret Jane Burton Sayre College
1933 Marion Hagen Eastern State College
1934 Mary Evelyn Walton Western State College
1935 Jane Sanders University of Louisville
1936 Roberta Baughman Centre College
1937 Marjorie Galloway Bowling Green College
1938 Jeanne Barker University of Kentucky
1939 Dorothy Ramey Transylvania College
1940 Virginia Smith University of Kentucky
1941 Anne Austin Cumberland College
1942 1947 War Years, No Festival Held
1948 Lyde Gooding University of Kentucky
1949 Edith McClure Centre College
1950 Patricia Parsons Union College
1951 Betty Lyon Transylvania College
1952 Micki Tye Cumberland College
1953 Nell Wilson Eastern State College
1954 Mary Ann Stice Murray State College
1955 Sue Carolyn Lynch Western State College
1956 Booker Andrews University of Kentucky
1957 Chris Mattingly Ursuline College
1958 Jane Buechler Ursuline College
1959 Alice Chumbley Western State College
1960 Lana Ruth Jones Bowling Green College
1961 Marcia G. Chumbler Murray State College
1962 June Moore University of Kentucky
1963 Susan Morris University of Louisville
1964 Jo Anne Russell Murray State College
1965 Pam Casper Ursuline College
1966 Janie Olmstead University of Kentucky
1967 Mary Elizabeth Dedman Centre College
1968 Carolyn Albert Murray State University
1969 Kay Pinkley Murray State University
1970 Marty Joe Payton Eastern Kentucky University
1971 Wanda Sue Stiles Midway Junior College
1972 Nancy Coplen Murray State University
1973 Karen Hamilton Eastern Kentucky University
1974 Beverly Lord Georgetown College
1975 Sharon Lu Goldsberry Morehead State University
1976 Linda Barnes University of Kentucky
1977 Paula Kay Lewis Transylvania University
1978 Ramona Ray Wortham Western Kentucky University
1979 Dana Reasons Kentucky Wesleyan College
1980 Libbi Justice Taylor Transylvania University
1981 Elizabeth Anne Cole University of Kentucky
1982 Kelly Michele Holdren Morehead State University
1983 Ann Victoria Phillips Pikeville College
1984 Melodye Carol Hughes Western Kentucky University
1985 Tonya Lynette Sanders Midway College
1986 Kimberely Johnson Alice Lloyd College
1987 Maria Bryant Cumberland College
1988 Stephanie Strohmier University of Kentucky
1989 Billie Joe Hall Transylvania University
1990 Laura Lynn Bradford Eastern Kentucky University
1991 Paige Slawter Northern Kentucky University
1992 Susan Allene Fruits University of Louisville
1993 Tanya Lynne Newberry Northern Kentucky University
1994 Christin Quint Murray State University
1995 Jennifer Hope Langford Murray State University
1996 Farrah Bates Alice Lloyd College
1997 Brittany Lea Johnson University of Kentucky
1998 Emily Lyn Arnold Georgetown College
1999 Holly Rowland Young University of Kentucky
2000 Kristy Marie Nelson Kentucky Wesleyan College
2001 Devon Jane Adams Lindsey Wilson College
2002 Lisa Ann Chesnut Western Kentucky University
2003 Jamie Nichole Blair Morehead State University
2004 Kacie Elizabeth McAfee Eastern Kentucky University
2005 Chelsee Linn Thompson Murray State University
2006 Hope Renee Hamilton Kentucky Wesleyan College
2007 Sarah Elisabeth Hargis Centre College
2008 Kimberly Ashton Horne Georgetown College
2009 Margaret Carol McKay Georgetown College
2010 Racheal Hunt Eastern Kentucky University
2011 Jefra Kaysi Bland University of Kentucky
2012 Jaime Elizabeth Horne Georgetown College
2013 Madison Elizabeth McCowan University of Kentucky
2014 Hannah Elizabeth Isaacs Somerset Community College
2015 Lindsay Tate Ratliff Western Kentucky University
2016 Connor Rose Cook University of Pikeville
2017 Hayley Frances Leach University of Kentucky
2018 Gabrielle Chandler Pyles Lindsey Wilson College
2019 Lauren Bohl Union College



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