The KMLF Hall of Fame award was created to honor those who have exhibted continued support of the festival for many years.  Recipients of this award are usually long time directors and former committee members of the KMLF.  The list below shows those who have been honored in the past.

1989 Anne Walker Burns 1998 Dr. William Collis 2014 Katherine Reese Capps
  Nettie Hutchison   Pauline Chandler   Kristy Nelson Burnett
  R.M Watt   Rosemary Combs   Donna Smith
  Mrs. J. Kidwell Grannis   John E. Jones 2015 David Combs
  Walter B. Smith   Jennifer Jones   Billie Jo Hall Setzer 
  Bert T. Combs   Jim Brittian   Libbi Justice Taylor 
  Wendell Ford   Helen Brittian 2016 Scott Madon
  Doug Blair 1999 Dr. Dudley Pomeroy   Janie Head Olmstead
1990 John Hill Bailey Sr.   Milton Brooks   Toadie Nunnelley
  John Hill Bailey Jr.   Irene Adams   First Baptist Church of Pineville
  Hazel Stacy   Robert Berger 2017  
  Paul Green 2000 Dave Burns    
1991 Mary Evelyn Rogers   Edith Asher    
  Lon B. Rogers   Nelda Taylor    
  Jean Chrisman   Barbara Grace    
  Norman Chrisman Jr.   Valerie Saunders    
1992 Ted Gilbert 2001 Darlys Warren    
  Dan Stewart   Oleika Shriners    
  Joe Akers 2002 Carolyn Brooks    
  Dave Suggs   Helen Smith    
1993 Mary Lou Whitney 2003 Sidney Gaunt    
  C.V. Whitney   John Rowland    
  Effie Arnett   Billie Rowland    
  Cawood Smith 2004 John Garfield Howard    
  Mary Wilson   Pineville Community Hospital    
  Glenn Vanbever   Pineville City Schools    
1994 Mabel Osborne 2005 Betty Golden    
  Mildred Patterson   Coca Cola Bottling Company    
  Mary Bob Hoe   Cinder & Sonny Parsons    
  Harry Hoe 2006 Clear Creek Bible College    
  Julia Tackett   The Sensations    
  Tom Mills 2007 1977 PHS Marching Band    
1995 Ray Akers   Charles Evans    
  Bob Madon   Jackie Downey    
  Keith Davis 2008 Jeff Brock    
  Norma Davis   John & Susan Combs    
  Nell W. Poline   Tuck Woolum    
  Kathleen O. Roan 2009 Charles Bishop    
1996 Bill Morgan   Gary Ferguson/Pineville Sun    
  Harry Nadler   Aubrey & Beverly Bailey    
  Homer Hail 2010 John & Ina Robbins    
  Charles V. Beach   Rodney & Rosemary Parsons    
  Mason Combs 2011 Elizabeth Madon    
  Dr. James Golden   Michele Roan    
  James O. Roan   Barbara Evans    
1997 Gerry C. Roan   Martha C. Woolum    
  Edward Wilson   Michael D. White    
  T. Eugene Spragens 2012 Charles "Buddy" Bishop    
  Dr. George Zack   Robert Roan    
      Michael Roan    
      Kerry & Cathy Woolum    
    2013 Sue Parrott Gambrel    
      Mike Long    
      Greg Nunnelley    



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